Key specs

  • Six or twelve months teaching period in Kassel (Germany) at YMCA University:
    October 2021 to March 2022 or
    October 2021 to September 2022
  • For university lecturers or professors from outside Germany
  • Deadline for application: 1 December 2020


  • Conducting teaching and research in the center of Germany, with proximity to major research institutions in Germany (for example: University of Göttingen / Heidelberg / Berlin / Tübingen / Marburg / Münster / Leipzig / Kassel).
  • Teaching courses with small course sizes (approx. 20 students in elective courses).
  • Time to conduct your own research, made possible by reduced teaching load.
  • Getting to know the daily university life in a private German university with specific learning-centered pedagogy.

Your profile


  • are a member of a university (of applied sciences or research institution) abroad (i.e. outside of Germany) and are currently employed there as a professor or lecturer
  • achieved the academic level of PhD or higher
  • optimally engage in research fields, related to fields of Theology or Social Work
  • acquired extensive teaching experience
  • have not yet reached retirement age (< 65 years)
  • do not have German citizenship

Your role at YMCA University

A visiting professor or lecturer engages in teaching as part of the on-campus study programs at YU (and on-campus teaching phases of our online-based study program, if applicable). We suggest assuming responsibility for courses in the fields of Theology, Religious Education or Social Work.

Additionally, visiting professors or lecturers are encouraged to contribute with courses from own research fields.

According to the official requirements of the German Academic Exchange Service (German: DAAD), visiting professors or lecturers are obliged to teach a course load of five courses.

Due to the reduced course load, you will have enough time to conduct own research, visit theological departments throughout Germany, participate in conferences, etc.


The salary depends on your status at your home university

  1. Assistant professor/lecturer - junior level)     
  2. Professor - senior level

It is based on the common salary levels estimated at YMCA University for professors/lecturers. Also included are mobility lump sums for you and, if applicable, for your family.


We envisage the following timeframe for the execution of the lectureship:

  • Starting date: 01 October 2021
  • End date:
    option 1: 31 March 2022
    option 2: 30 September 2022

Hence, we strive for a lectureship duration of six months or preferably twelve months.

Please submit your application not later than 1 December 2020 (contact below).

Concluding Comment

Please note: Ultimate recruitment for a visiting lecturer position within our International Visiting Lectureship Programme is contingent on approval of funding provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (pending).

The YMCA University strives for gender equality. Therefore, we aim to increase the proportion of female employees. We expressly address and encourage women to submit their applications.

For your application, please submit as a PDF (or JPG):

  • A cover letter summarizing your experience, your current teaching and research focus and what you would hope to achieve during your time at YU.
  • An academic CV (including basic information, education, publications, courses taught, lectures/workshops given, etc.).
  • Copies of your degrees (PDF).
  • A list of courses you envision to teach at YU, including (short) course description, aims of the course (e.g. competencies)

We are looking forward to receiving your application!


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